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Familienkalender mit vier gefüllten Spalten für Termine und Kinderfotos und -Zeichnungen auf einem Holztisch neben einem Kaktus

How to create an individual photo calendar for your entire family’s dates and events

The larger the family, the more appointments need to be coordinated: Sports training or music lessons, birthdays and doctor’s appointments as well as holidays and the start of school are individual and often lead to confusion and inconsistencies. But as a rule it’s all about beautiful things and life in general. Don’t let the organisation and coordination of your family trouble you anymore! With a personal family calendar you will not only bring order into your everyday life, but you will also have a beautiful decoration with great memories of special moments.

Create your family calendar now

The Christmas present for an entire year

For yourself or for your dear parents: The family calendar with your most beautiful photos of celebrations, holidays and fun combines beauty and decoration with the practical elements of a family planner and calendar. The cover page and each monthly page can be decorated and personalised with your favourite photos to make organising your family easier and more enjoyable. With this planner you and your children will never miss an important date, birthday or anniversary!

You have creative freedom when designing the calendar. Each page can be individually designed with layouts and backgrounds to suit the season or special events this month. At Easter, a beautiful green leaf with eggs and pictures of your family searching for eggs, in December, Christmas scenes during a walk through the snow or a picture of the whole family in front of the Christmas tree.

You are certainly also familiar with the trend of taking a motto photo for each month of the year, based on a specific event. Especially with small children this really makes a difference. In the summer months with Hawaii shirts and sunglasses, dressed as ghosts for Halloween and festively dressed for New Year’s Eve. There are many inspirations for this on the Internet that will certainly help you. Everything is allowed in your family calendar, so go crazy and have fun designing it!

Just because it is close to the turn of the year, the family calendar is a great Christmas gift, but since you can choose the starting month freely, you are flexible and can also give it away for birthdays, anniversaries or other special events. You can freely write on the calendar pages so that you can add recurring dates and birthdays and inspiring quotes, jokes and comments as you like.

Design tip

Add drawings from the children every now and then – such a calendar is particularly good as a gift for grandparents. Simply add the drawings as photos and combine them with beautiful photos of you and the little ones.

Fotokalender auf Holztisch mit Eintragungen in den Spalten der Familienmitglieder und Fotos von Vater und Sohn

Let’s get to it!

To create your own family calendar with ifolor, you don’t need much except some of your most beautiful family photos, your diary and a little creativity and inspiration. Make it easy for yourself and sort your photos by theme or motto to match the twelve months of the year. This will make it easy for you to add them later. Good to know: Each monthly page must contain at least two and can hold a maximum of four photos. Keep this in mind when selecting your photos.

As soon as you are happy with your selection of photos, it’s time to start designing. The first step online or in ifolor Designer is to select one of seven designs. From a simplistic design to a dancing piglet in a tutu, there’s something for everyone! If you use the online platform to create your calendar, the next step is to upload your selected photos or use a link to Facebook or OneDrive to add the pictures.

Product Tip

Don’t just create any old calendar – decorate your four walls with a handy photo calendar from ifolor. Whatever the season, thanks to the freely selectable starting month, the family photo calendar is always the perfect gift for parents and grandparents.

Now you can specify the month in which the first calendar page starts, select your language and start designing your personal family calendar. To decorate the monthly pages with your photos, simply drag the desired pictures to the position of the placeholders. If a photo has too low a resolution to be printed out in high quality on your calendar, a warning will appear. This warning will also be displayed if you click on “Next” so that you can make changes before placing your order. Once the order has been triggered, you will receive your unique and practical ifolor family calendar in just a few days!

Not only for families

Don’t let the name mislead you: The family calendar is also a great solution for roommates, couples or singles! Enter the tasks for the respective day in the columns and coordinate yourself and your roommates in terms of household, exams, shopping and much more.

Start designing your family photo calendar

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