Unique photo calendars from ifolor

Combine decoration and planning in an ifolor photo calendar

Photo calendars are not only an excellent gift idea for family and partners, but also a great decoration for your home. Your most beautiful photos of family, friends, and holidays turn a handy calendar into a decorative element for walls, tables, or shelves. Pretty, personal, practical: ifolor photo calendars have it all. A wide variety of design templates will help you in the design process so that you can make your calendar truly unique and your own..

Inspirations for your photo calendar

Everyone knows and loves photo calendars. The practical companion helps you plan your everyday life all year round – but there are so many more possibilities. Because calendars don’t have to be ‘just’ calendars. Our ifolor blog gives you creative inspirations on how you can use photo calendars in unique ways to decorate your home and make your everyday life more beautiful. For example: Make more of your kitchen calendar by creating your very own personal cooking calendar with seasonal recipes for each month. This is just one of the creative ideas you can find on the ifolor blog.

Creative ideas for your family calendar

Coordinating the whole family can be a challenge, but with the right tools it doesn’t have to be. An ifolor family calendar helps you see all your family members’ appointments at a glance and at ifolor you can combine this practical aspect with the most beautiful photos of your loved ones. But that’s not all you can do with a photo calendar. In this blog post we’ll show you how you can also use your children’s drawings or notes for your photo calendar. Let yourself be inspired and decorate your home with a creative Family calendar!

Each month more lovely than the last with the ifolor monthly planner

It practically impossible to remember all the dates, birthdays and events in the year. But you don’t have to live with boring daily or monthly planners from a store. In this blog post, you’ll find ideas and inspiration on how to turn a simple monthly planner into a practical work of art. The ifolor monthly planner lets you enter important dates and holidays in the calendar in advance and you can use clip arts and photos to make them stand out even more and look nice and personal. Find inspiration for your ifolor monthly planner here.

Your personal kitchen calendar

Seasonal cooking is sustainable and makes life more interesting and rich. Let yourself be inspired to a culinary year and design your personal cooking calendar with ifolor! Combine beautiful photos of your family and friends with matching seasonal recipes for each month. The kitchen becomes more lively and you have more fun cooking varied dishes. In this blog post you will also find recipe ideas for your ifolor kitchen calendar and design ideas for the pages with your photos.

Best of: ifolor photo calendars

ifolor photo calendars are popular with young and old, as decoration and as a practical companion throughout the day. Both for your home and for your place of work, there is a fitting photo calendar from ifolor. The desk calendar lightens your mood at work by always showing you the most beautiful memories, a different photo every month. With the panorama wall calendar, on the other hand, you have made the perfect choice for a unique and varied decoration. You can show the most beautiful moments with friends, family, and beautiful landscapes in optimal resolution and excellent quality.

Desk calendar

Make every day at work more beautiful with photos of family, friends, holidays, and important events in your life. The desk calendar is a unique decoration for the workplace that combines the practical element of a calendar with the personal element of your memories in photos. Treat yourself to a little holiday at work or give the desk calendar to someone as a gift for their birthday, Valentine’s Day or simply because they matter to you. In the ifolor Designer, you can freely choose the starting month of your calendar, so you can always enjoy all twelve months of your desk calendar.

Wall calendar panorama

Put your most beautiful photos in the limelight! The wall calendar Panorama offers your memories a stage on which they can truly come to life. This calendar impresses above all by the fact that your photos are at the centre of attention and you still have the practical element of a calendar combined with it. Thanks to a sturdy ring binding, changing to next month’s page is child’s play. The calendar can be easily hung on a nail on the wall and adorns every living room.

The ifolor photo calendars

Planning the future with the most beautiful memories always present – an easy task with ifolor photo calendars! At home or at work, with these beautiful calendars you can indulge in your most beautiful memories at any time. From the practical desk calendar for work to the wall calendar Panorama, which presents your photos in perfect resolution, the right calendar is waiting for you right here. With numerous design templates and layouts you can create your very own calendar here with ifolor.

Wall Calendars

  • Formats: A3, A4 and 21×21 cm
  • Robust spiral binding
  • Choose your starting month
  • Our bestseller
  • New: Now also with glossy pages!
from CHF 23.95

Available in A3 and A4, the wall calendar lets you combine up to 145 photos using design templates and layouts. For example, you can create a collage of the most beautiful moments for each month’s page. Dream yourself back to your most beautiful holiday destinations or remember extraordinary moments with your partner with this beautiful wall calendar.

Delivery time

Silk matt: 4 working days
High-gloss finish: 5 working days

Wall calendar panorama

  • Exclusive panorama format: 35×60 cm
  • Robust spiral binding
  • Choose your starting month
  • Calendar pages available in semi-gloss or glossy finish
  • Calendar pages: silky matt or high-gloss
from CHF 59.95

A special format for special memories. The wall calendar Panorama is perfect for your most beautiful photos in 35x60cm format. This calendar is not only practical, but also a beautiful eye-catcher on your wall. Your photos will look even more stunning with a glossy finish, which is now also available for the wall calendar Panorama. Numerous design templates will help design your calendar creatively.

Delivery time
Silk matt: 4 working days
High-gloss finish: 5 working days

New: Monthly Planner

  • Format: A3, A4
  • Robust spiral binding
  • Folded calendar
  • Choose your starting month, insert personal holidays
  • Pages can be written on
from CHF 34.95

The ifolor monthly planner combines your photos with the practical element of a calendar you can enter your most important dates and events into at any time. Since the calendar is hung the photo page up, every centimetre is used perfectly. When designing the calendar, you also have the option of entering fixed dates such as birthdays or anniversaries in advance using clip arts and photos.

You can order your monthly planner in A4 or A3. The individual pages are made of 250 g/m² thick, silk matt paper.

Delivery time: 4 working days

Family Calendar

  • Format: A3 portrait
  • Robust spiral binding
  • Choose your starting month
  • Pages can be written on
  • Perfect for organising family life
from CHF 29.95

The family calendar lets you stay on top of all appointments and at the same time remember the most beautiful memories of your family. Each family member has their own column, so you can see everything important at once. Don’t let daily life rule you and enjoy every day with your loved ones.
The family calendar in A3 format also makes a great gift, for example for your parents.

Delivery time: 4 working days

Desk calendar

  • Format: 29.7×10.5 cm
  • Robust spiral binding
  • Choose your starting month
  • Ideal for the desk
  • NEW: Calendar pages high-gloss
from CHF 21.95

Impress your colleagues at work with a unique desk calendar from ifolor! You can combine up to 15 photos in this calendar and enjoy your most beautiful memories every day. Make your workplace and every day you spend there more enjoyable!
With many templates and designs, the ifolor Designer helps you design your desk calendar as your very own work of art.

Delivery time: 4 working days

Kitchen Calendar

  • Format: 15×42 cm
  • Robust spiral binding
  • Choose your starting month
  • Pages can be written on
  • Slimline format – fits in any kitchen
from CHF 17.95

For beautiful moments in the busiest room of your home. The ifolor kitchen calendar brings even more life and colour to your kitchen and can inspire you for cooking and baking with up to 20 photos. In addition, the kitchen calendar is a great help in organising everyday life. You can also design the practical calendar to motivate yourself to cook new seasonal meals.
You can write the monthly sheets freely and fill them with important dates and appointments.

Delivery time: 4 working days

Creative ideas for your photo calendar


A photo calendar can be so much more than just a collection of your photos on twelve pages. In the ifolor blog we collect many different ideas and inspirations that show you what you can do with the ifolor photo calendar range of products. As a gift or for your own home, your creativity need not know any bounds. For example: Create a cooking calendar with recipes and photos of your loved ones for every season of the year! You can also find ideas on how you can decorate your photo calendars at home with a few simple steps in our blog.


For every occasion

Unique gift ideas and inspirations

Find the right gift for every occasion – an easy task with ifolor! Be it Christmas, a Wedding, Easter, sporting events, New Year’s Day, Mother’s Day, Baby & Birth, Birthdays, Travelling, den an Annual Review, Thank You or even Pet Day handelt here, you’ll find ideas and inspiration for each and every event.

Frequently asked questions about photo calendars

This depends on the calendar you choose. When designing your calendar, you also have the option of using layouts to print one or more photos per page.

With the monthly planner, family calendar, and kitchen calendar, you have space to enter notes and appointments. In the design process, you also have the option of inserting texts and design elements or photos in the calendar section.

Our photo calendars are printed on 250 to 270 g/qm thick paper. The transparent plastic cover sheet protects the inside pages of the calendar. Your photos are printed onto the calendar using a digital printing process – this makes your colours appear particularly rich. Additional finishing options are available for the wall calendar and wall calendar Panorama: You can choose between a satin and a high gloss finish. Silk matt pages are used for the other calendars in the ifolor range.

Using the ifolor Designer, you can use the default holidays for your country, select another existing set or define your own holidays and birthdays so that they are already included in your calendar upon delivery. For your personal anniversaries such as your wedding day or birthdays you can use text placeholders as well as clip arts or photo placeholders to mark the special occasion.

The ifolor Designer offers you layouts and designs to customise your calendar. This starts with the calendar pages, which can be designed in plain black or white or even colourful. The monthly planner and family calendar give you additional options such as text placeholders and clip arts to express your creativity in your calendar. With these two options, you can also use photo placeholders, for example to mark important birthdays.

Your year in pictures with ifolor photo calendars

Start every day with the most beautiful memories in mind and sight. With ifolor photo calendars, you can combine the practical element of a calendar with your holiday photos, pictures of your family or friends and, with some calendars, space to enter your appointments and important events. This way, you’ll never miss important birthdays, anniversaries or appointments again. With ifolor photo calendars, planning and organisation is not only easy, but it also becomes a pleasant experience. You will also find many inspirations in our blog that will help you make your calendar something very special and unique.